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Welcome to the website of NQE Holdings SA, the only company traded on Bucharest Stock Exchange, which has a clear investment focus on Renewables and Real Estate projects incorporating green applications.Our website has all the necessary information on our activities and operations. For further information on our company and our investment programs, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
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News – Press releases

27 April 2018
Publication of the Annual report for the period ending 31.12.2017
16 august
Publication of Interim financial statements as at 30.06.2017
15 may
Publication of the Q1 quarterly report for the period ending 31.03.2017


Romania at a glance

Apart from being one of the largest countries in Europe, Romania offers the greatest prospects of strong economic growth among European countries.
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Why to go green

Oil has reached ‘peak’ production, the sourcing for new oil, to meet an ever-increasing demand, is proving a technological and financial nightmare.
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Why RES investments in Romania

Romania has adopted an innovative market-based mechanism to support RES investments for the next 15 years.
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RES and Solar energy in Romania

Photovoltaic energy is a very promising option in Romania, which receives an average of 210 sunny days a year.
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